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ED Site Rules

Post  PhaZe on Sun Nov 07, 2010 7:31 am

We will not tolerate...

For Chat and Forums:

Depending on the severity of your post, on the forum you will be warned, before getting a suspension of a week. After that its a ban. On the chat you will get a warning, then kicked, then banned.

Racism and homophobia: Any posts of a homophobic or racist nature will be deleted and the poster will be suspended or banned

Insults: Insulting another forum member will result in a caution/suspension depending on the severity of the insult.

Bullying: Any evidence of bullying will result in a suspension/ban depending on the severity of the bullying.

Posting unsuitable images and pornography: If you post anything of a pornographic nature you will be suspended or banned. We have members that are far too young.

Abusing a moderator: If you abuse a moderator or an Admin then you will be instantly banned. If you feel a mod is picking on you speak to a Admin/Owner

Excessive Spamming: Any spam 'attacks' where members deliberately ruin the forum and chat with repeated spamming


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