Elite Dragons Clan Timeline

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Elite Dragons Clan Timeline

Post  PhaZe on Sun Nov 07, 2010 7:38 am

Mid-March 2009: SMEG Disbands. WT is now top wii COD World at War clan in Europe
23rd March 2009: Firefly, DNK, Ben and Joe create a new clan called WIA. ED is Born. A new site is created by DNK http://z8.invisionfree.com/The_ED_Clan_Forums/index.php?
Last week in March 2009: Josh is recruited and WIA search for new members. WIA is not taken seriously by Bigger Clans.

April: WIA change name to ED. ED plays its first GB war and loses. Few more members join and ED is still small.
2nd April: ED's longest non-starting member joins, Dugz or (XPhaZeED).

May: Kronz from SMEG joins ED bringing lots of new members with him. Kronz leaves by the end of the month. A guy makes a new site for us, but steals it to create his own clan within a week.

June: Kronz returns to ED making a brand new site. http://www.theedclan.webs.com/ Loads of members join. Kronz then leaves again, taking all his members with him. ED is left with very few active members. Firefly says unless things improve, ED will disband. Only Mag, Ben, DNK and Firefly are active. Kaiser makes a new site for ED www.elited.tk

July: The Highly anticipated Conduit is released and turn out to be crap. ED is about to Disband, when Bomber joins ED, bringing most members from his ST clan with him such as Radders, General, Boloo and Rowan. ED is saved!

August: ED are improving rapidly, and are competing with other teams more. ED is split into 2 teams. R and XZ

September: It is revealed that Call of Duty 4 is being remade for the wii.

October: ED Site is Hacked and Rowan makes a new site. www.claned.tk.

November: Modern Warfare Reflex is released and Ben, Radders and Mag create a new ED team called Rewind.

December: R team disbands and joins Rewind. Kaiser gives the site a new makeover just before Christmas.

January 2010: ED starts warring again.

February2010: ED loses members to the new clans Tek9 and eVo. Members also move to XR. Key players Mag and Ninja leaves ED and the clan is becomming slightly inactive again. Dugz takes over the site, gave it a revamp and has continued to update regulary.

March 2010: Many more members Join and Tek9 disbands and some return to ED. ED is back to normal and are Competing for the GB playoffs. Rewind disbands, and a New Team SF is made.
20th March: ED goes back on track, gaining 15th place on GB, playoffs looking likely. Also win/loss ratio is back to equal after going down a fair bit.
23rd March: ED celebrates its First birthday.

November 2010: PhaZe starts working on a more interactive, new site, created using Wix. 7th November site is up and running, waiting for a few final changes before it becomes the main.
9th November: Black Ops is released!


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