How to join the Elite Dragons Clan - READ

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How to join the Elite Dragons Clan - READ

Post  PhaZe on Sat Nov 06, 2010 10:27 am

You must fill in this form as your application

Game: (WaW or MWR)
Level and Prestige:
Kill/Death Ratio:
Previous clans:
Skills: (sniping ect)
Why you want to join:
How did you find out about ED:

The title must also be like this: (Your cod name) then after it APPLICATION
Any application that does not have a title like this, or has not filled on the form, WILL BE DELETED.

Then you must wait for one of our trialers (Firefly, Bomber, PhaZe, Nex and PWN) to try you out. You may be tried out fairly quickly, but we are a busy clan and it may take longer.
If you have not been tried out after 2 weeks, or if you have any other questions, speak to me, Firefly, Bomber or DNK.


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